Sunday, August 1, 2010

Always on PC App for the iPad.

I bought the Always on PC App lastnight. I had been curious about this App because I was looking for a way to run/edit/create Windows programs on My iPad. I had tried Citrix and WYSE. Both of those Apps require you to have a Physical Device on the other end.(home PC or a Work PC). But with Always on PC, you don't need a Remote Desktop. The folks at Always on PC host your Desktop on their Servers. This Application is Cutting-Edge, this is how it will be done in the Very near Future. If you have an iPad or iPhone, buy this App. Even if you don't use it everyday, you will eventually have a need for it.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

All things iPad does

Watching movies on My TV through My iPad. This thing is cool! It's a computer. It's a media device. It's a canvas. It's a PDA . It is in no way a waste of Money. Buy one. I did and I love it. I'm more productive. I can multitask seamlessly. Switch between web pages in picos. Create and share quality Documentsbwith clients and friends. And the iPad makes it so easy I don't realize how much I'm getting done!

Friday, July 30, 2010

My iPad

Hey everybody! I've been a iPad Fanatic since before you could buy them. I loved the iPod and the iPhone. I knew they would make it Bigger and more Capable and they did. I bought My iPad the day they were released. I have the 64Gigabyte,3G Model. I currently only have 30 Gigs available.:(

The iPad hasn't lived up to all My expectations, but it has come pretty darn close. One of the problems I have with the iPad is Memory. For a Media/Mobile PC, you would think that it would have more Memory. The other is the lack of a Front Facing Camera. Not for taking Pitcures but for Web Chat/Broadcast. No native Downloading is a joke! I have go in Circles to Certain Files and it does have an effect. And the last would be the lack of USB port. The Dongle does the job, but you Cannot be Mobile when using a Usb headset. It slips out very easily.

Those are really the only problems I have with My iPad. I wanted to start out with My issues with the Ipad so potential buyers could get some insight. I do love My iPad and it has made My life alot Easier. Future post will Detail how I utilize the iPad in My life.

Tune in,thanks for reading.